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I love lolita, cats, tea, historical fashions, lace, antique, movies, art, history, embroidery, classical music, taxidermy, my job and my wardrobe.

Here you can find inspiring pictures i reblog from Tumblr or uncover from my 400 Gt of saved images. Sometimes i have some original outfit pictures to show you, too.

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My dramatic bjd chick on Sims 3. Loves pole dancing and pretty pink clothes.

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"Pitiful creature of darkness,
What kind of life have you known?
God give me courage to show you,
You are not alone…”

Beautiful angel *_*

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Still sick so no outfits. Have my gf’s pretty Victorian Maiden dress instead. #lolita #lolitafashion #eglcommunity #dress #classiclolita #onepiece #victorianmaiden #floral #pink

Baby’s release:
· Sonnet for Juliet print series
by chobits1901

Baby’s release:

· Sonnet for Juliet print series

by chobits1901

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Musee du Chocolat


- Dior Haute Couture Fall 2005 -

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Choose the right way to react when you see someone dressed unconventionally:

a. “Why are you dressed like that?”
b. “You look stupid”
c. Take a picture without asking.
d. Stare the shit out of it.
e. Go touch her/him.
f. Leave her/him alone and move on.

The right answer is f. Someone’s looks is none of your business. The reason for someone to look unconventional is none of your business. The reason to go out looking like that is none of your business. Just leave him/her/us alone and mind you own business. We are not harming anyone and if we want attention we will run around naked and scream “hey look at me, i want attention!”

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New Release: Atelier Boz - Sytry Corset Vest シトリーコルセットベスト BZ4116/BZM4116

Colours: Black, White

Price: Lady’s ¥18,144 / Men’s ¥19,224

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Elizabeth Tudor’s Coronation Gown. 

Elizabeth Tudor’s Coronation Gown. 

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The latest addition to my handmade lolita wardrobe, Bordeaux Cotton Floral Dress. You can read more about this dress over on my sewing blog by clicking here. Thank you! More new garments coming soon!

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